Your energy bill is too high. Let’s work together to fix it.

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Unnecessary costs can drive up your energy rates.

The good news is that some beneficial changes to your utility bill may be coming soon. But it's up to us to make sure policymakers implement common sense rate relief for our families.

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Remove the so-called High Usage Charge.

In 2017, the state mandated a so-called High Usage Charge, or HUC. You might easily get hit with this charge during the winter or summer when you’re trying to make your home more comfortable for your family’s health and comfort.

Many families, feel this charge is unfair, especially those in inland communities where the temperature fluctuates most.

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Eliminate the seasonal price change for a more stable bill.

Due to California’s seasonal price change, the exact same electricity could cost more in the summer than the winter. By eliminating the seasonal price change, your bill could become much more stable, and easier to plan for throughout the entire year.

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Unnecessary Government fees can add an additional 20% to your bill.

It's easy to see what your utility bill is every month, but it's not so easy to understand what costs go into your bill. While some costs like the actual price of energy and maintaining infrastructure are necessary… Up to 20% of your bill is made up of sometimes unnecessary government mandates.

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Policymakers are considering removing controversial charges from your bill!

Your help is needed to move the process forward.  Please contact your policymaker and urge them to act now to fix your energy bill.