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Eliminating HUC will save some ratepayers up to $360 per year.
Minimize bill spikes during months when weather is more extreme.
Tell policymakers to chuck the HUC!
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How the High Usage Charge Works:

Sign the Petition to Chuck the HUC (High Usage Charge)

In 2017, the state mandated a so-called High Usage Charge, or HUC. You might easily get hit with this charge during the winter or summer when you’re trying to make your home more comfortable for your family’s health and comfort.

Many families, feel this charge is unfair, especially those in inland communities where the temperature fluctuates most.

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Dear Policymaker,

Hotter summers and colder winters in So Cal are driving up electricity bills and to make matters worse, the state forced a high usage charge or HUC. The HUC is unfairly driving up costs on families that need to use more energy for reasons of health and comfort in the summer and winter months.

On average, eliminating or suspending the HUC could save families as much as $30 per month.

I'm urging you to enact policies, like removing the HUC, eliminating seasonal price change, and removing unnecessary Govt. Mandated Fees, to give Southern Californians much-needed rate relief.


Concerned Ratepayer

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Policymakers are considering removing controversial charges from your bill!

Your help is needed to move the process forward.  Please contact your policymaker and urge them to act now to fix your energy bill.